Which Types of Boats are Least Likely to Make You Feel Seasick?

Seasickness is a problem that affects many people, and it often gets worse as you get older. While most people don't need to worry about it much – if at all – as they're rarely on the water, what if you've always dreamed of owning your own boat?

If a boat is what you want, seasickness shouldn't hold you back. There are a few things you can do to help the problem, including some very effective medications, but more importantly than that is simply choosing the right boat. It wouldn't be fair to say that there are any boats where feeling seasick will never be a problem, there are some where it's less likely to happen. This should help you choose the vessel that will give you the most enjoyment possible.


Catamarans are unique among small watercraft in their two-hulled design. This makes the entire boat have a distinctive shape that brings a lot of benefits.

Many people choose a catamaran because the wider design means more room inside for relaxing and sleeping. This is certainly a good enough reason in itself to go for this type of boat, but for the seasickness sufferer, there might be no better choice.

Because of the extra width and the double hulls, catamarans are possibly the most stable boat design there is. Where others rock, pitch and roll even in fairly calm water, a catamaran has far less movement to set off that queasy sensation.

Bowrider boats

A bowrider is great for people who want to bring a few guests along for a day out, as the wide configuration normally has plenty of seating available for people to enjoy the ride.

Their low, flat shape also makes them pretty stable out on the water. They're much less prone to rocking about than thinner, taller boats, although in rough seas you might not notice much difference.

Motorised yachts

If you're dead set on a yacht and don't want to entertain the idea of a different sort of boat, just make sure you get one with a motor. If there's one thing that will set off seasickness, it's sailing out on the open sea. When you're using wind power, the boat's going to move about quite a lot, and it's not pleasant for people who are sensitive.

Turn the motor on, however, and you'll have quite a different experience, powering through the water far more smoothly. Another practical benefit, of course, is that you won't have to rely on mother nature to get you moving.

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