4 Advantages of Building a Synthetic Grass Tennis Court

Synthetic grass tennis courts are becoming a popular choice among Australian homeowners. Synthetic courts offer many benefits not offered by traditional lawn courts which feature natural grass. Below is a guide to four advantages of opting for a Synthetic grass tennis court. 

Perfect texture

No matter how well it is cared for, natural grass will vary in terms of height and thickness. These variations can impact the overall texture of the surface. As well as having an aesthetic value, the texture is important because of the range of movements a player and a ball will make during a tennis match. The imperfect texture of a natural grass can increase the risk of injury to players.

Permanent lines

Another major advantage of using synthetic grass is that the lines which divide up the court will not begin to fade in the sun, smear underfoot, or wash away in the rain. Line painting on a natural grass court will be affected by these problems. These problems occur because the line paint cannot bond to the natural fibres of a grass lawn in the same way it does to the artificial strands of material found on a synthetic court. 

Reliable ball bounce 

A game of tennis will often depend upon how reliably the ball can bounce on the playing surface. Because synthetic grass has a perfect texture, it offers you a consistent bounce. This allows those playing on the court to anticipate how the tennis ball is going to bounce when a shot is played. This can help you to improve your game and helps to keep the ball in play for an extended period, making the game increasingly exciting.

Reduced wear and tear

When playing tennis, a player will often have to stop and pivot on one spot. Due to this movement, a natural grass lawn will eventually wear away. The wear and tear can create an unsightly bald spot which increases the chance that players will trip and fall. Reseeding and replanting a grass tennis lawn can be costly. Synthetic grass is much more resilient to the friction and force created by a player's feet, which will help to avoid the signs of deterioration commonly seen on grass courts.

If you would like to find out more about the many benefits of installing a synthetic grass tennis court on your property, you should contact a professional tennis court contractor like Premier Sports & Leisure for further help and advice.

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